Product Detail

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Tags)

Using Zee Tags RFID


  • Superior retention from proven two piece button design
  • Tamperproof design for one time use and data integrity
  • Light weight
  • Snag-resistant with elongating stem and independently swinging sides
  • Maximum read distance
  • Dual protection system minimising the risk of damage to the RFID component
  • ISO compliant and will fit with ISO compliant technology such as readers, weigh scales and automatic handling facilities
  • HDX/FDX options

Setting up an RFID or electronic system in cattle

An RFID system consists of

  • . Tags (which house the transponder that hold and sends the identification information)
  • . Readers (which energises the transponder and receives identification information)
  • . Data Collectors (Stores the identification information
  • . Data Processor (uses the information and provides outputs of data)
Many farms have unique requirements for choosing the RFID system for their enterprise. Zee Tags are committed to providing tags that have:  
  • . Superior read distances
  • . High retention
  • . Robust, water tight casing
  • . Easy application using the Zee Tags Two Piece Tagger
  • . ISO compliant (applies to tamperproof tags)
Examples are given for system requirements to compliment the Zee Tags RFID