Product Detail

One Piece Tags

We offer the innovative One Piece Tag design. Ideal for farm management ID the One Piece

Tag has distinct advantages over conventional two piece tags.

  • Economical single tag
  • Proven retention
  • Quick and easy application
  • Unique surgical cutting tip
  • Bright non-fade colours
  • Price competitive
one piece

Self-piercing Surgical-Tip

Each Zee Tags Tag incorporates a self-piercing surgical tip tag head to cut a path for the tag stem rather than punching or crushing the ear. Cutting rather than crushing ear tissue promotes faster, better healing around the tag stem. Only the tag tip (not the applicator pin) touches the ear to help prevent cross-infection

Zee Tags Colour Options


Tag Sizes

Zee Tags One Piece Tag System
Height Width
1-Piece Extra Large (XL) 112 mm 76 mm
1-Piece Large (L) 81 mm 62 mm
1-Piece Medium (M) 58 mm 46 mm